Satya Kids Foundation

2017 The Love in Childrens Art

Satya Kids Foundation is a California non-profit 501(c)(3).  All proceeds collected go directly to support programs and materials for children at The Gratitude Garden Preschool.

Each year the Foundation hosts an Art Gala to promote art, childhood wellness, and ecology programs for young children. The fundraiser, The Love in Children’s Art,  supports new developments, teacher training, and ongoing programs at the school.

Donations and sponsorship are tax-deducible. *Discuss with your tax advisor the extend of the deduction.

Our next Gala is Friday, March 10th, 2017- 6pm through 10pm at The Talega Golf Club. The school will offer Kids-Night-Out for families needing childcare, hours are 5:45pm through 10:15pm.  *Please reserve your child’s spot as spaces are limited.

The 2017 Annual Giving will be focused towards the following:

  • New sustainable log cabin for outdoor classroom
  • In-class loft for Sprouts class
  • Chicken habitat with coop, fencing, and fire-exit door
  • Teacher training at California STEM Conference and local Reggio workshops
  • In-house artist and ecology programs by field experts
  • Tuition Assistance Program for families who quality
  • Outdoor classroom stage with mirror background and shade


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